Flood maps, weather warnings and emergency alerts

Flood maps

Flood maps are available for parts of Queensland, including:

Other disaster information is also available for:

For other councils, please search the Local Government Directory.

Weather warnings

Warnings and alerts can be accessed at a number of locations, depending on the type of weather event or emergency.

Queensland's primary warning and alert sources are:

Tune in to warnings and alerts

The ABC Radio website will assist you to find your local ABC radio station or use the ABC Radio National frequency finder to find all available local stations.

Assistance for non-English speakers is also available.

Bureau of Meteorology weather warnings

Emergency Alert. Be Warned. Be Informed

Emergency Alert is  the national telephone based emergency warning system that sends messages:

  • via landlines based on the   location of the handset,
  • via mobile phones based on an individual’s   billing address, and
  • for Telstra mobile account holders based on the   device's location.

If you receive an Emergency Alert and want more information, follow the instructions in the message.  You do not need to register for this service.

View more information and frequently asked questions about Emergency Alert.

Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS)

Know how to listen out for and recognise the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (PDF, 601.7 KB) . Stop & listen when you hear the signal on the radio or television and act immediately on the advice that follows.

Local council warnings and alerts

Your local council's Disaster Management Group may release warnings and alerts specific to your area in a disaster or emergency.

Contact your local council to register for warnings and alerts.