Evacuation centres

During a disaster, information about evacuations, cyclone shelters and evacuation centres will be broadcast to the community via local ABC radio broadcasts and other media.

If an evacuation is called in your area you will find out more from:

If you are asked to evacuate it is because there is a real danger.

Finding an evacuation centre

If you’re in an area that may be evacuated be aware of the weather and local warnings, and check with your local council for advice before an evacuation is called. Ideally, if you think evacuation is likely you should make arrangements to evacuate to the homes of family or friends in safer areas. Evacuation centres are generally only intended for short term stays, and may be crowded and less comfortable.

Some councils have detailed plans and maps to help in times of evacuation.

Access evacuation maps:

If you are in an area when an evacuation is called, follow the advice of emergency services.