Non-teaching roles in state schools

State school teachers are supported by non-teaching staff in roles such as teacher aides, administration and facilities management.

Non-teaching roles are categorised as either entry level or promotional non-teaching positions.

Entry level non-teaching positions

Examples of entry level non-teaching positions in state schools include:

  • administrative officers
  • science operations officers
  • teacher aides (see below)
  • agricultural assistants
  • schools officers (grounds and facilities)
  • cleaners.

Teacher aides

Teacher aides support teaching and learning in Queensland state schools and work closely with teachers to:

  • develop and obtain resources
  • set up and operate equipment
  • complete administrative tasks
  • supervise students
  • participate in teacher activities under the direction of teachers.

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Advertised promotional non-teaching positions

Advertised promotional non-teaching positions in state schools include:

  • business services managers
  • therapy roles.

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You can find entry level vacancies on individual school websites—search the schools directory to find website details.

Advertised promotional non-teaching positions for state schools can be found on the Smart Jobs and Careers website.

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