Delivering and monitoring training

Training delivery

Training is most effective when it is designed to suit the qualification, the needs of the employer, and the needs and learning style of the apprentice or trainee.

Different methods and places can be used to deliver training. These options must be negotiated and outlined in the training plan.

You may choose to deliver training using flexible delivery methods such as:

  • video links
  • teleconferencing
  • correspondence
  • work books
  • online self-paced learning
  • an internet classroom link.

Training may be provided:

  • in the workplace
  • at your premises
  • at an appropriate alternative environment.

If you agree, training can be delivered by a qualified employer in the workplace. This type of training involves the apprentice or trainee developing the set skills as part of normal work.

If this is the case, you will need to:

  • support and mentor the employer and apprentice or trainee
  • monitor the training delivery
  • validate assessments.

Monitoring progress

Monitor training progress

You must monitor the progress of apprentices and trainees to make sure they are developing the skills and knowledge outlined in their training plan.

It is most effective when you talk regularly with the apprentice or trainee and their workplace supervisor to:

  • discuss progress
  • identify any further support needed
  • adjust plans for training and assessment as required (if they are having trouble achieving competence)
  • negotiate further opportunities for training and assessment.

Update the training record

The training record must be updated by you and the employer at least every 3 months.

This provides an opportunity for all parties to gauge how the apprentice or trainee is progressing.

Any issues that may be hindering progress should be resolved immediately.

Review the training plan

The training plan should be reviewed and adjusted as necessary depending on how the apprentice or trainee is progressing and in consultation with the apprentice or trainee and their employer.

Most changes to the training plan must be agreed to by all parties. The amended training plan must be signed within 14 days of agreeing. The SRTO may make minor amendments, such as updating the changed title of the qualification, without the agreement of all parties. However, a copy of the updated training plan must be sent to all parties within 14 days of making this change.

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