Assessing your support needs

When is assessment required?

Specialist disability services are there to provide a higher level of support to people who have more complex needs. Some examples of specialist disability services include:

  • accommodation support
  • respite services
  • early intervention services
  • multidisciplinary services.

If you have support needs that require specialist services, a Disability Services Service Advisor may suggest meeting with you for an assessment to confirm:

  • you have a disability (under the Disability Services Act 2006)
  • that you need help because of your disability
  • the type of help or support you may need.

What happens at the meeting?

When you meet a service advisor, they will:

  • collect your eligibility documents
  • talk to you about your goals and what’s important to you, and
  • gather information about your needs and what support you already receive.

The service advisor will ask you and your carer (or support person) questions about what you can do yourself and what you need help with. They will take notes so that all the important information is recorded.

Meeting a service advisor usually happens at your local service centre, but can happen somewhere else if necessary - for example, if you are in hospital - and usually take between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

After the meeting, the service advisor will work with you to refer and connect you to a range of suitable services and support.

Further information