Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

Each May, Queensland marks Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month (DFVP Month) to raise community awareness of domestic and family violence (DFV) and to send a clear message that DFV in families and homes will not be tolerated.

In its Not now, not ever report (the report), the Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland recommended that individuals, community groups and the private sector work together to help prevent DFV and support those affected.

The awareness raising events, projects or activities held during DFVP Month each year support the Queensland Government’s response to the report.

You can continue to follow the conversation year-round on our Facebook page.

Community grants

The DFVP Month community grants have been consolidated into the Investing in Queensland Women grant program.


Events and activities are held during May each year to raise awareness DFV and encourage involvement in the prevention of this form of violence in Queensland. Closer to DFVP Month 2022, we will make an online form available so you can register your events.

Until then, you can view the events that were held for DFVP Month 2021 by checking the checking the online calendar.

Creative assets

We will provide a link to a promotional toolkit closer to DFVP Month 2022. This toolkit will contain creative assets, such as social media images and an email signature block, to help you promote the month across your networks.


You can order some of our free brochures, booklets or help cards or download a range of domestic and family violence resources to use throughout the year to raise awareness about DFV within your workplaces and communities.