Meals on Wheels

Service Agreement

Queensland Community Care provides an annual one-off contribution towards the cost of preparing and delivering Meals on Wheels services to people under 65 years of age (under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders). There is no requirement to prepare a minimum number of meals with the funding.

Where an organisation does not receive funding for any other Community Care services a short form service agreement is used. The short form agreement has been designed to simplify the contracting process and support improved service delivery. The agreement is made up of two parts:


Performance Reports

All Meals on Wheels organisations are required to submit Minimum Data Set (MDS) reports on a quarterly basis.

Financial Reports

A simplified form of financial reporting is required under the short form agreement. Organisations are required to acquit the Community Care funds at the end of the financial year by submitting a Directors Certification.

A Directors Certification is an endorsed statement from your organisation certifying that funding received from the department has been used as agreed in the short form agreement. The certification must be endorsed by two authorised approvers within the organisation.

A pre-populated Directors Certification template will be sent to organisations for completion.

Quality Standards

Meals on Wheels organisations are exempt from providing evidence of compliance with the Human Services Quality Standards to us.

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