Translated fact sheets about financial assistance grants

These fact sheets provide translated information about the different types of financial assistance grants that may be available to you should a disaster occur:

  • Community recovery support and financial assistance information
  • Emergency hardship assistance
  • Essential services hardship assistance grant
  • Essential household contents grant
  • Structural assistance grant
  • Essential services safety and reconnection grant.

The fact sheets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Creole and Wik feature a design by Aboriginal artist Leigh Harris of Ingeous Studios, depicting how Queenslanders traverse the impacts of natural disasters on our communities. The fact sheets in Wik are available as an audio file.

If you cannot find information in your language, please phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68) to access interpreting and translating services.

The fact sheets are available in the following languages:

The fact sheets are also available as an audio file in the following language:

Easy English

ATSI Easy English

العَرَبِيَّة - Arabic

廣東話 - Cantonese

Ελληνικά - Greek

हिन्दी - Hindi

lus Hmoob - Hmong

日本語 - Japanese

한국어 - Korean

官话 - Mandarin

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ - Punjabi

Gagana faʻa Sāmoa - Samoan

Español - Spanish

Wikang Tagalog - Tagalog

Tok Pisin

lea faka-Tonga - Tongan

Yumplatok - Torres Strait Creole

Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

Wik-Iinjtjenj - Wik-Ngathan



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