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Electricity and reticulated natural gas rebates for residential home parks and multi-unit residential premises

Information for proprietors/owners

If you are a proprietor/owner of a residential home park or multi-unit residential property, contact your energy retailer for more detailed information about rebates available and for application forms. These rebates are arranged through the energy retailer only, not through the Queensland Government.

Owners or proprietors of residential home parks or multi-unit residences are required to claim for a rebate on behalf of eligible pensioners or seniors. The scheme is available for premises where the proprietor:

  • is the consumer of the energy retailer
  • supplies electricity and/or reticulated natural gas to each of the separately identifiable vans, flats or home units
  • charges for electricity and/or reticulated natural gas used by the tenants based on metered consumption.


To be eligible, pensioners and seniors must hold any of the following:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card (and receive the War Widow/er Pension or special rate TPI Pension)
  • Queensland Seniors Card.

From 1 April 2017, Commonwealth Health Care Card holders and asylum seekers will be able to apply for the Electricity Rebate through their retailer. Eligible customers will receive payments back-dated to 1 January 2017. Contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more information.

 Eligible customers must live alone or share the premises with:

  • their spouse or other eligible card holders
  • other people wholly dependent on them
  • other people who are social security recipients, and who do not pay rent
  • other people who live with the resident to provide care and assistance, and who do not pay rent.  

Submitting an application

The proprietor is responsible for completing and submitting the initial rebate application form including details of each claimant’s name, their signature, card type and number.

Residents must give permission for the energy retailer, federal and state governments to check their details.

By signing the document, the proprietor declares that:

  • the claimants were residents for the period covered by the electricity and/or reticulated natural gas account
  • the residents’ electricity and/or reticulated natural gas charges were based on metered consumption
  • the number of people for which the rebate is claimed and the amount of the claim is correct
  • they have sighted a valid and eligible concession card
  • residents have already received a reduction in their electricity and/or reticulated natural gas charges or will receive it with their next bill.  

The proprietor can obtain a rebate form from their energy retailer. The form should be submitted when the account is paid.


  • The rebate is only available for electricity and/or reticulated natural gas.
  • The rebate is not available to users of bottled or cylinder (LPG) gas or bulk hot water systems.
  • The rebate does not apply to dormitory, motel, nursing home, ‘rooms to let’ or ward type accommodation.
  • Claims are limited to one per residence.
  • Eligible customers can only claim the electricity and/or reticulated natural gas rebate for one residence in Queensland.
  • The rebate is for permanent Queensland residents only.
  • Claimants are only required to sign the initial application form unless they leave the residence and return at a later date. In that case, they must sign a form for the first full billing period after their return.
  • The retailer accepts no liability if an application is lost.
  • The retailer may request the claimant complete the declaration when renewing an application for the rebate.
  • The rebate will appear on the electricity and/or reticulated natural gas account. In no instance will the rebate paid be greater than the usage charges.
  • The proprietor may face legal action if they have knowingly submitted a fraudulent claim.

Information for seniors/pensioners

If you are a pensioner or a senior living in a residential home park or multi-unit residential premises (e.g. apartment building) you can obtain a rebate for your electricity and/or reticulated natural gas costs.

If you are eligible, the owner or proprietor of the residence must claim the rebate on your behalf and pass the rebate on through a reduction in your electricity and/or reticulated natural gas charges.

If you are a resident, please contact the proprietor/owner of your premises to find out more about this rebate.

Electricity retailers in Queensland

If you are a proprietor/owner, please contact your energy retailer to find out rebate details.

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30 November 2016

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