After you have applied

Program closed

The program is now closed. You must have submitted your application by 30 June 2019 for it to be assessed, with all payments finalised by 30 June 2020.

Accessing your loan or grant

You can access your loan or grant by logging in to the application portal.

Repaying your loan

Your monthly direct debit repayments will begin 1 month after you access your loan. The debit is made on a fixed date each month and you'll be sent an SMS to remind you. Please contact QRIDA if you cannot make a loan repayment.

If you sell your house during your loan, you must repay the loan immediately, as per the loan terms and conditions.

Battery safety inspections

The Queensland Government is auditing battery systems installed under the program to ensure all safety and quality requirements have been met. If you install a system which includes battery storage you may be contacted by the Queensland Government’s safety inspector to organise a time to conduct an inspection on your system.

The conditions of the battery assistance include agreeing to a free safety inspection. If you are contacted, the inspector will need to organise a time to attend your property to conduct the inspection.

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is only responsible for administering the rooftop solar and battery systems program. We will not be supplying rooftop solar and battery systems to customers. Independent solar and battery suppliers will contract directly with customers to supply solar and battery products. Suppliers do not act as our agents and we do not endorse, and make no representation or warranty about, any supplier's products, including as to their suitability or fitness for purpose.