EasyPay Rewards

EasyPay Rewards is an Affordable Energy Plan initiative that makes bills more manageable and predictable for customers.

The program started in 2018 and offers regional electricity customers incentives when they sign up for SmoothPay, eBilling and payment by BPAY, direct debit or Centrepay through Ergon Energy.

The reward is $75 per year for eligible residential customers and $120 for eligible small business customers, paid in quarterly instalments of $18.75 and $30.

To receive the next reward, you need to apply by 1 January 2020.

Residential households and small business customers can find out more and sign up to the program on the Ergon Energy website.

Active participants in Ergon Energy’s Customer Assist program are now also eligible for the reward.

Note: This information is being provided to help you make informed choices about your electricity costs. You should carefully evaluate the scheme offer before making a decision about whether joining the scheme will be beneficial, based on your individual circumstances.