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Benefits of a solar loan

Before you apply for a loan, consider the financial benefits you could achieve from solar power. This will depend on:

To determine the benefits you could achieve from a solar system, talk to an eligible solar supplier.

Case study

Mrs Smith lives in regional Queensland and purchases a 3 kilowatt solar system with an interest-free loan. Her monthly repayments for a solar loan of $4,500 over 7 years are around $54 per month, or around $645 per year.

Her 3 kilowatt system generates around 4,600 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and she uses around 65% of this in her home as she is often using power during the day. She saves around $1,000 per year on her electricity bill, including feed-in tariff payments. Therefore, she makes a total saving of around $355 per year ($1,000 saving - $645 loan = $355 total saving).

Note, a home in South East Queensland that pays less for electricity will save less each year from a solar system.


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28 June 2018
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