Work rights

There are laws to protect you while you are at work. These laws make sure you are:

  • paid the right amount of money for the job you do, and if any money is taken out,  you must give your permission
  • protected from unfair dismissal 
  • protected from discrimination
  • given leave you are entitled to: sick leave, annual leave, family leave, public holidays and long service leave
  • free to join a union if you like.

Unfair dismissal

If you think you’ve lost your job unfairly you may be able to make an application for unfair dismissal. If your employer is found guilty they could be penalised, told to pay you compensation and/or give you back your job.

Unlawful dismissal

Your boss cannot end your employment for an unlawful reason, for example, discriminate against you or fire you because you’re sick or injured.

Remember it’s illegal for your boss to treat you badly if you talk to someone about your workplace rights.

More information

Contact the Fair Work Ombudsman for help with questions about:

  • pay
  • leave
  • redundancy
  • complaints
  • workplace entitlements
  • treatment at work including workplace harassment
  • discrimination
  • unfair dismissal
  • termination pay
  • resignation.

Helpful information