Cultural capability training

Training needs survey

The Queensland Government is keen to improve the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural capability of all Queensland workers.

We want to hear from you about the types of cultural capability training you're interested in and will find useful in your work.

The survey takes around 5–10 minutes to complete.

Fill out the survey

Who can do the survey?

The survey is open to all working age Queenslanders, both in the public and private sectors.

Why do the survey?

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural capability training needs survey will help us understand who needs training, and what sort of training is needed. We can then organise training suitable for you.

And because cultural capability is a learning journey that develops over time, feel free to redo the survey when you feel you need more training.

In this guide:

  1. Training purchasing
  2. Training checklist
  3. Pre-training questionnaire
  4. Training needs survey

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