Cultural capability training

Pre-training questionnaire

Fill out this questionnaire to help cultural capability trainers decide how they can best suit your training needs.

How to use this questionnaire

  1. Read the questionnaire in conjunction with the training purchasing checklist.
  2. Print out this page or copy and paste the questions into your own document.
  3. Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, send it to one or more potential trainers from Black Business Finder.

If you need help filling out the questionnaire, email


For all training

1. Who will be attending the training?

For example: administrative officer, field staff, manager, project officer, executives. Be specific as possible, and include the staff member’s position title.

2. Do any of the attendees identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

Check by politely asking the attendees. It is their choice to identify or not.

3. What is the main reason that the participants need to consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?

For example: a government or company policy, government legislation, community engagement process, leadership training.

4. What locations or regions do the participants work in?

For example: a specific Aboriginal community, a specific city, Cape York, south-west Queensland.

For function-based training

1. What function/s should the training align to?

  1. Basic (foundation) training (pre-requisite for 2. Leadership)
  2. Leadership
  3. Community engagement (pre-requisite for each of the following: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
  4. Service delivery
  5. Policy formulation
  6. Program delivery
  7. Research
  8. Community based planning

For project-based training

1. What is the team’s main role?

If possible, you could provide a copy of your team’s work/project plan. This will help the trainer identify areas of your team’s work/project that might have an impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

2. Has the team had to consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples before?

If possible, please provide a few insights around any successes or failures you observed in previous consultations.

3. Who are the main stakeholders that your team usually works with?

If relevant, please name any other key stakeholders/projects from government, non-government organisations or industry that impact upon your team’s work.

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