Cultural capability training

Training checklist

Use this checklist to help your organisation through the process of planning to buy, purchasing and participating in cultural capability training.

Selecting a trainer

  1. Check that purchasing cultural capability training is consistent with your organisation/department's training policy.
  2. Complete the pre-training questionnaire. This information will help you identify trainers that have expertise in your field of work.
  3. Select one or more potential trainers from Black Business Finder. Send them your completed pre-training questionnaire: your responses will help them tailor a package to meet your needs
  4. Contact the potential trainers to discuss training needs, including logistical requirements and pricing.

Once you have selected your trainer, the trainer should:

  1. Prepare training content to suit your needs, including organising logistics.
  2. Send you a summary of the training content to be covered. If you have any concerns about the proposed training content, email

After the training

Using online feedback forms allows training participants to provide feedback in a relaxed, non-threatening environment away from the training room.

  1. Once your organisation's participants have completed their training, send them the anonymous participant survey. The survey is completed online.
  2. As the purchaser, you can also provide feedback about your experiences in purchasing training.

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