About community alcohol restrictions

There are alcohol restrictions in 19 communities across Queensland. These restrictions ban or limit the amount and type of alcohol you can take into a community. In some communities, alcohol is completely banned.

What is a restricted area?

A restricted area is where alcohol restrictions apply. This includes the entire area controlled by the local shire council, unless an area is specifically included or excluded.

Homes are included in restricted areas. Beaches, wharves and riverbeds can also be included in the restricted area. 

How much alcohol is allowed in a restricted area?

It depends on the community. The maximum amount of alcohol a person can carry within the restricted area is known as an alcohol 'carriage limit'. In some communities no alcohol is allowed (an alcohol carriage limit of zero).

Alcohol carriage limits apply to:

  • individuals, and
  • maximum amounts that can be transported in a vehicle, boat or aircraft (no matter how many passengers there are).

There are 4 specific roads where an exemption to the alcohol restrictions may apply if you meet the requirements of a ‘bona fide traveller’.