Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan

The recently released Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019-2021 sets out the practical actions we will take over the next 2 years to help reduce youth crime and contribute to making safer communities.

Under this plan, young people will be held accountable for their actions while also receiving guidance to change their behaviours and attitudes, so they can become valued and contributing members of their community.

The actions in the plan outline how we will:

  • work differently with communities
  • engage differently with young people in trouble with the law (or at risk of being)
  • deliver entirely new services and infrastructure.

The plan also includes actions that address some of the key factors contributing to youth crime, such as family wellbeing, health, and education.

Existing community, youth, and youth justice services will continue to operate alongside new programs, services, and initiatives outlined in the action plan.

We are committed to strengthening the prevention, early intervention, and rehabilitation responses to youth crime in Queensland. The plan will be reviewed on an annual basis, and we will continue to invite contributions from the broader community on how we can further reduce youth crime and deliver on creating safer communities.

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