Supporting Families Changing Futures 2019-2023

Supporting Families Changing Futures 2019-2023 is a whole-of-government strategy for the final stage of the 10-year child and family reform program.

The strategy is centred around wellbeing outcomes—Safe, Secure and Stable; Healthy; Learning; Earning and Developing; and Participating, Belonging and Identity. By taking a wellbeing approach, we are better able to communicate our work and the outcomes we want for children, young people, and families experiencing vulnerability.

Key focus areas over the next 5 years include:

  • promoting a whole-of-government approach towards meeting the needs of Queensland children, young people and families experiencing vulnerability and enhancing the shared responsibility objective of the reform program
  • increasing the reach and effectiveness of family support services to help more families earlier and reduce the number of families escalating into the child protection system
  • enhancing and strengthening cross-agency responses to address the wide-ranging needs of families, children and young people experiencing vulnerability
  • continuing to reduce the disproportionate representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, children and young people in the child protection system
  • increasing and enhancing types of care to not only meet projected demand but to meet the needs of children and young people in care more effectively
  • strengthening support for carers and kin.

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