SEQ in world-first mosquito trial

Residents in the Metro South Hospital and Health Service area will soon be invited to become Zika mosquito seekers in a new world-first research trial.

The Queensland Government has partnered with Brisbane City Council to develop a new process for trapping, collecting and analysing mosquito eggs in a domestic environment. The new methodology means researchers can now rapidly detect DNA from one Zika virus-spreading mosquito egg in a sample of 5000—meaning eggs from many properties can be processed quickly in a single diagnostic test.

Residents participating in the study will be provided with a mosquito egg collection kit to collect domestic mosquitoes and return to Queensland Health for DNA analysis.

Getting the Queensland community involved will help to identify mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus more quickly and efficiently, and provide a better chance to control both the mosquito and the spread of the Zika virus.

Find out more about the trial and how to get involved.