Check your speed - school’s back from 23 January

From 23 January 2023 students are back to school, so watch for children crossing the road and be aware of school zone speed limits.

Most school zones in Queensland operate between 7am–9am and 2pm–4pm, but in some areas they operate at slightly different times, and some split-campus schools also have an all-day school zone that applies between 7am–4pm.

Check school zone signs to see what limits and times apply in your area.

Speed camera signs pilot in school zones

Portable hi-tech speed cameras attached to flashing school zone signs and are operating during school zone hours in a pilot safety program until the end of April 2024.

Schools are busy areas with lots of children who can be unpredictable around roads. The pilot is expected to improve safety and actively remind drivers of the presence of children and to watch their speed.

Find out more about the speed camera pilot.