Right to Information Day - your information access rights

Right to Information (RTI) Day on 28 September 2018 is recognised annually across Australia and around the world, raising awareness of the importance of open and accountable government and the community’s right to access government-held information.

In Queensland, your right to government-held information and the privacy of your personal information held by government is enshrined in law and is promoted and protected by the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Find out more about community access and protections.

RTI Day 2018 celebrations include the Solomon Lecture, delivered by Professor Ken Smith—Chief Executive and Dean of Australia New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

Professor Smith will use the Solomon Lecture to tackle how government agencies can build community trust, by developing a culture of transparency, openness and accountability.

Mr Peter McKay, Deputy Commissioner, Public Service Commission, Queensland, will also speak at the event.

Event details

Date: Monday 24 September 2018
Time: 11.00am – 12.30pm
Location: Level 41, 1 William Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

You can: