Queensland Women’s Strategy

Consultation for the development of the new Queensland Women’s Strategy is now closed.

The current Queensland Women’s Strategy 2016-21 outlines our vision for women and girls with an emphasis on gender equality and related issues across participation and leadership, economic security, safety and health and wellbeing.

During the past five years, the strategy’s whole-of-community implementation plan has made significant progress:

  • more pathways for women’s education and employment have been created
  • vital health and wellbeing services have been delivered
  • more women have been supported to take up leadership roles
  • the achievements of leading Queensland women have been celebrated
  • crucial reforms to address women and girls’ safety have been undertaken.

All Queenslanders were invited to contribute to the shaping of a new strategy aimed at promoting and protecting women’s rights,

During the consultation phase, we provided a number of ways for Queenslanders to have their say to inform the development of a new women's strategy:

  • an online survey for all Queenslanders
  • an online survey for young Queenslanders aged 15 to 25 years
  • written submissions in response to questions outlined in the discussion paper.