Queensland Women’s Strategy

The Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022–27 outlines our vision to strengthen and support the rights of women and girls, with an emphasis on achieving gender equality in Queensland.

The strategy provides a basis for ensuring policies and decisions are informed and influenced by women’s voices both now and in the future.

Building on the progress and achievements made under the 2016–21 strategy, the current strategy includes commitments across five priority areas:

  • economic security
  • safety, health, and wellbeing
  • elevating First Nations women
  • women with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • empowerment and recognition.

The primary focus is to strengthen women’s economic security, as this is at the heart of gender equality, underpinning all other elements of gender equality throughout women’s lives.

An annual women’s report will provide detailed information about the initiatives to achieve these commitments, as well as progress made over the previous 12 months. The first report will be published in March 2023.

The Queensland Women’s Strategy is for all Queenslanders—governments, businesses, individuals, and communities— as everyone has a part to play in achieving gender equality.

Find out more about the strategy, including what we plan to do and how we plan to achieve our goals.