Queensland's new State fossil emblem

In early 2022 we asked for your help to choose a new State fossil emblem from a group of 12 candidates. The nominations have been reviewed and the Muttaburrasaurus has been chosen to become our State fossil emblem.

Meet the Muttaburrasaurus langondi!

Muttaburrasaurus langdoni

Also known as the big-nosed dinosaur, the Muttaburrasaurus lived during the Cretaceous period (about 100 million years ago) and will become Queensland’s fossil emblem in 2023.

The fossil remains of the Muttaburrasaurus were found in Muttaburra, Central Queensland, where the Traditional Owners are the Iningai people and Banjara people. A local grazier, Doug Langdon, discovered the fossil bones while mustering cattle in 1963.

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