A strategic blueprint for Queensland's North West Minerals Province

The North West Mineral Province is one of the world’s richest mineral producing regions and has delivered significant economic benefits to Queensland for decades. However, the region has experienced some impacts from lower international commodity prices in recent years and the current outlook is for a decline in overall minerals production levels over the medium term.

Supporting regional Queensland is a high priority for the Queensland Government. This is why in November 2015, the government supported the establishment of a North West Minerals Province Taskforce to investigate the issues and opportunities and advise on a way forward for the region’s future.

Building on the work of the taskforce, the strategic blueprint provides a platform through which the Queensland Government, other levels of government, business and industry, and communities can collaborate and deliver initiatives to support a smooth transition to strong and prosperous regional communities in the province over the long-term.

The blueprint focuses on three strategic priorities:

  1. Facilitating continued resources sector development.
  2. Diversifying the regional economy and creating employment opportunities.
  3. Working with businesses and the community to deliver integrated and appropriate services.

In order to ensure the strategic blueprint is actioned and has input from the region’s community and businesses, the next steps are for the government to:

  • establish a regionally-based Strategic Blueprint Implementation Team
  • set up an ongoing North West Stakeholder Advisory Committee
  • convene a North West Futures Forum.

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