Making a multicultural Queensland

Cultural diversity is a big part of what makes Queensland great, and did you know the commitment to making a multicultural Queensland is enshrined in law?

During Multicultural Month—August 2022—the third Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2022–23 to 2023–24 was released. The new plan outlines six actions to ensure people from all backgrounds are supported in practical ways and have opportunities to feel valued and welcome.

The Plan marks the next phase of work that must be done, building on the success and outcomes achieved under the first two Multicultural Action Plans.

The Plan focusses on:

  • providing better access to interpreters
  • economic opportunities, including meaningful employment and career progression opportunities within public service
  • using cultural diversity data to improve service delivery; and
  • addressing unconscious bias and racism

ensuring we will be able to improve social and economic outcomes for multicultural communities.

To find out more about Queensland’s commitment to multiculturalism, you can: