Landmark City Deal for Townsville

Townsville made history in late 2016 as the location for Australia’s first City Deal after a landmark agreement was signed by the Prime Minister, the Premier of Queensland and the Mayor of Townsville.

The City Deal marks a new era for Townsville with all three levels of government coming together to secure economic success for Townsville and its residents. Commitments within the deal support economic growth, investment in local infrastructure, the creation of new and sustainable jobs, a revitalised urban centre and enhanced liveability.

During the 15-year deal, governments will work with the private sector to revitalise the city and Waterfront Priority Development Area, grow the port and attract investment to the State Development Area.

These joint efforts will build industry and workforce development opportunities, better connect people and places and improve export and freight efficiency. The deal will build North Queensland’s potential and economic future as the economic gateway to Asia and northern Australia.