Queensland positions itself as a leader in humanoid robotics

The introduction of commercial humanoid robotics into Queensland has potential to position the state as a regional leader in robotics technology.

A Proof of Concept proposal between the Queensland Government and humanoid robotics firm Softbank Robotics was signed late last year as part of the government’s Advance Queensland program of initiatives. As part of this proposal the state has acquired a number of ‘Pepper’ and ‘NAO’ robots for pilot schemes.

The Proof of Concept will look to develop robotic applications for use in government customer service centres, embed robotic applications in education to support school students, and promote the development of a robotics industry in Queensland for coders with Queensland universities.

The founding of a humanoid robotics industry in Queensland is historic for the Advance Queensland initiative, and will herald further emerging industry development opportunities.

Leveraging Queensland’s existing network of robotics and automation experts, the project will see practical application of this technology using the Pepper humanoid model to deliver a new dimension of productivity improvements to the service industry.