Help stop cyberbullying together

Being bullied is tough, and when the bullying and harassment takes place online it can be particularly upsetting.

Cyberbullying can cut deeper than face-to-face bullying because it often plays out on public forums in front of friends and peers, and it can be hard to escape.

Young people experiencing cyberbullying are being encouraged to Swipe it away and talk with someone they trust to come up with a plan to navigate cyberbullying together.

Young Queenslanders said they want parents and carers to “Stand by us” to help stop cyberbullying together. Parents and carers can visit the Stop cyberbullying portal for advice and strategies to help support a young person experiencing cyberbullying, and can also access free cyberbullying seminars run by Triple P – Positive Parenting Program and training and resources from Parentline.

Visit the Stop cyberbullying portal for more information and follow @stopcyberbullyingqld on Instagram.