Get ready. Get set. Get your home fire prepped.

A house fire can move fast and quickly fill your home with deadly toxic smoke. Working fire alarms and a well-practiced fire escape plans save lives.

By following these 3 simple steps you can help protect your home and your loved ones:

  1. Step 1
    Check your smoke alarms work. Go through the house and ensure all of your smoke alarms are less than 10 years old and working. If they don’t, upgrade them to photoelectric interconnected alarms. Smoke alarm laws require all homes must install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in every bedroom, in hallways, and on every level by 2027. Having interconnected alarms mean when one alarm is activated, all alarms will sound. The extra time that gives you can make all the difference.

  2. Step 2
    Create your fire escape plan. When you’re trying to cope with smoke, heat, and fear, you won’t be thinking clearly. Your best defence is to create a fire escape plan so you’re ready to respond if a fire starts.

  3. Step 3
    Practice your fire escape plan. Practice your plans at different times of the day, use a timer to create a sense of urgency, and let everyone in your family hear how loud the alarm is so they don’t panic during a real escape.

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