Action on Ice - addressing the use and effects of crystal methamphetamine

Communities battling the harmful use and effects of the drug ice (crystal methamphetamine) were invited to be involved in developing solutions to tackle the growing problem as part of the Action on Ice draft action plan (PDF, 2.58MB).

The plan aims to break the cycle of drug use by attacking every aspect of the path to addiction, with a focus on reducing supply, reducing demand and minimising harm by measures including:

  • prioritising organised crime investigations into high threat criminal networks that are trafficking ice into Queensland
  • using the proceeds of crime function to restrain and forfeit the assets of crime gangs trafficking and producing ice in Queensland
  • ensuring the support and resources necessary are available to young people coping the drug use of a friend or family member, through initiatives such as school-based youth health nurses and police officers, adopt-a-cop and youth support
  • addressing ice use in high risk industry groups such as mining, rural and remote workforces including FIFO
  • increase screening, intervention and referral through GPs and other health professionals for people affected by ice
  • identifying options to provide specialist services for people experiencing severe substance dependence who are at risk of serious harm due to associated mental illness, cognitive impairment and other clinically indicated factors.

The government asked Queenslanders for their views on the effectiveness of implementation arrangements for existing initiatives outlined in the draft plan; how government can support community-led initiatives to tackle ice; and any potential gaps in the proposed response.

Submissions closed Tuesday, 31 October 2017.