Our services

The Public Service Commission (PSC) provides strategic workforce services to support the Queensland public service in becoming a high performing, impartial and productive workforce through:

  • managing and developing the Chief Executive Service and the Senior Executive Service
  • providing leadership, performance, and development services
  • providing leadership and supporting management in best practice organisational performance
  • undertaking reviews
  • providing leadership in workforce policy reform and the implementation of best practice in workforce management
  • collecting and analysing workforce statistics for public service agencies.

Executive recruitment and contracts

Queensland’s chief and senior executives play a key role in leading the Queensland public service. We support these executives by providing strategic advisory and operational services by bringing together our whole-of-government expertise and experience on:

  • recruitment
  • remuneration
  • governance
  • contract management
  • appointment and induction
  • performance management
  • machinery-of-government
  • reporting.

Workforce policy and legal

We provide authoritative advice to the public service on the legislation, directives, policies, and guidelines which support workforce management through:

  • developing and implementing policy and legislation to deliver the PSC’s strategic objectives
  • streamlining our instruments to remove structural impediments and maximise business flexibility
  • supporting a high performing public service by working with agencies to enhance their engagement with the employment framework and to build management capability
  • developing and refining systems that support integrity and accountability.

Performance and capability development

We empower the Queensland public service to strive for high performance by:

  • measuring performance: provide chief and senior executives, and human resource specialists with meaningful data to manage and improve key aspects of agency and individual performance
  • building leadership capability: deliver a diverse, high-quality leadership development program for executives and emerging leaders, focused on profiling best practice, contemporary resources and independent expert speakers from around the world
  • improved transparency on reporting and agency performance.

We adopt a one-government approach to building a public service of highly capable, high performing leaders by managing a range of projects:

Workforce strategy

The PSC plays a critical role in leading, guiding and managing the public services’s approach to strategic workforce planning by:

  • designing workforce strategies: assisting agencies to research, design and embed effective workforce initiatives
  • partnering and co-designing: achieving innovation and improvements in workforce planning and management practices, organisational capability, productivity and performance by partnering with stakeholders to co-produce and co-design new approaches
  • workforce planning: supporting agencies undertaking strategic workforce planning, and developing a whole-of-government strategic workforce plan that will ensure the workforce is both dynamically and directly linked to the future directions of government
  • values and culture: embedding the Queensland public service aspirational values, and assisting agencies to embed a productive high performing culture in the workplace.

Community Insights

Community Insights works with agencies looking to find new solutions to complex problems, providing expertise to your project team through an internal consulting approach.

Conduct and Performance Excellence (CaPE)

The CaPE service supports agencies to manage conduct and performance in the Queensland public service.

Capability Blueprint

The Capability Blueprint program has been developed to focus attention on organisational capability and drive increased organisational performance, to enable us to be the best we can be.