Publication scheme

The Public Service Commission (PSC) publication scheme  details information we routinely make available to the public.

Information in our publication scheme is grouped and  accessible through 7 classes:

Accessible formats

Where possible these documents are available for you to  download. Some PDF versions of scanned documents may not be readable by  accessibility devices, such as screen readers.

Contact the PSC if you're having difficulty accessing any of these  documents.

About us

Who we  are and what we do

Our services

Services  we offer

Our finances

Annual Report

Find out more about our latest and previous annual  reports.

Our decisions

The Commission Chief Executive may delegate many of their  functions and decision making powers to appropriately qualified persons  including staff of the PSC.

Decisions on executive employment conditions including  executive capability development and management matters are made in  consultation with chief executives and agencies as appropriate.

Our policies

View current directives, policies and guidelines related to workforce matters in the public service:

Our lists

Gifts  and benefits register

Our priorities

Waste reduction and recycling

Waste reduction and recycling plan 2018-2021 (196KB) | (212KB)