Customer compliments and complaints

The Public Service Commission (PSC) encourages customer feedback as we recognise that this is essential to improving our customer service.

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Please note that the Queensland Government privacy statement may apply to compliments and complaints processes.

Customer compliments

If you would like to offer a compliment to the PSC and/or one of our team members, please fill out and submit this form, and we will pass on the message.

Customer complaints

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is an independent central agency of government with responsibilities for workforce policy, strategy, leadership and organisational performance across the Queensland public sector. The PSC does not have the authority to investigate or intervene in complaints regarding other government departments or their staff.

The PSC’s customer complaints management policy applies to written or verbal complaints made by a person (the complainant or other authorised person) who is directly affected by the service or action of the PSC or our staff.

We are committed to a positive complaint management environment where all feedback and complaints are effectively managed in an accountable, transparent, timely and fair manner. Our objectives are to ensure:

  • a readily accessible complaints process and information for all persons regardless of background and circumstances
  • fair, accountable, transparent and responsive management of complaints
  • all complainants are treated equitably
  • business improvement opportunities are identified and implemented.

Customer complaints are investigated as a priority, however resolution timeframes can vary depending on complexity. Expected timeframes can be found in the complaints management policy.

Make a complaint

Use the questionnaire below to see if your complaint can be addressed by the PSC: