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On 1 March 2023, the Queensland Government replaced the Public Service Act 2008 with the Public Sector Act 2022 (the Act).

Under the new Act, the Public Service Commission became the Public Sector Commission (PSC) – in recognition of the increased scope of work and reach across additional public sector entities, not previously captured in the Public Service Act 2008.

The Act strengthens the role of the PSC as a system leader, steward and enabler.

The PSC has responsibility to work with all chief executives to implement the Act, and to rejuvenate the public sector.

This will be achieved by focusing on five areas:

  1. Leadership
    • inspire and motivate employees
    • transform services to the community
    • establish a diverse leadership pipeline
    • set the tone from the top
  2. Capability
    • acquire, develop and mobilise the right skills at the right time
    • secure core capability in policy, HR and the craft of public service
    • ensure knowledge transfer
  3. Performance and integrity
    • be responsive to the community
    • be an apolitical public sector
    • embed positive performance management
    • build a spirit of service (pride in public service)
    • be accountable
  4. Collaboration
    • bring new perspectives
    • address complex policy problems
    • establish fit-for-purpose governance structures
  5. Inclusive cultures
    • get the best from all of us
    • attract and retain diversity
    • reframe the relationship with First Nations peoples
    • create an engaging employment experience.

Together with public sector chief executives, the PSC will implement the Public Sector Act 2022.

The new Act provides a modern, employee-focused legislative framework to rejuvenate the public sector, allow public servants to operate at their best, and seeks to build Queenslanders' confidence and trust in the public sector.

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Public Sector Commissioner

Robert Setter

Robert Setter’s career spans 39 years in both the private and public sectors with a deep record of success in corporate governance, organisational reform and leadership development.

As Public Sector Commissioner (Commissioner), Robert leads a small team with wide-ranging impact over a workforce of more than 280,000 employees statewide.

His previous government experience includes:

  • Associate Director-General; Science, Agriculture, Food and Regional Services; Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation
  • Director-General; Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • various senior executive roles in the Queensland TAFE sector.

Robert is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was a Founding Director of Aviation Australia Pty Ltd; the Corporation Sole for the Australian Agriculture College Corporation; and for several years a non-Executive Director of Agri Food Skills Australia – a national Industry Skills Council.

Robert is a former President of the Institute for Public Administration Australia (IPAA) Queensland. He was also named as a 2020 IPAA National Fellow for his commitment and stewardship to re-establishing IPAA in Queensland and championing public purpose work across the public, not-for-profit and tertiary sectors.

He is presently Board Director of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).

Public Sector Governance Council

The PSC is guided by the Public Sector Governance Council (PSGC), which has the role to provide system leadership and stewardship of the public sector and to oversee public sector governance.

Specific functions of the PSGC include:

  • monitoring the performance of the public sector relating to public sector administration and workforce management
  • overseeing the implementation of policies and programs across the public sector
  • facilitating public sector collaboration
  • requesting public sector reviews.

The PSGC comprises:

  • Rachel Hunter, Director-General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Maryanne Kelly, Acting Under Treasurer, Queensland Treasury
  • Robert Setter, Public Sector Commissioner, PSC
  • two appointed community representatives.

Other chief executives or special commissioners may be appointed to the PSGC.

Public sector reviews

The Public Sector Act 2022 includes review mechanisms to ensure the governance of public sector entities is of a high standard. Reviews can be about public administration or public sector management, including the effectiveness, efficiency or activities of a public sector entity.

The Premier, as the responsible Minister, or the PSGC may request a public sector review, provided the request is not in relation to certain bodies that have integrity functions. This exclusion protects the independence of these bodies.

Reviews may be conducted by the Commissioner, a special commissioner, or another appropriately qualified person.

Collaborative governance model

The Commissioner and public service chief executives have a responsibility under the Act to facilitate and maximise collaboration to deliver efficiencies, improve outcomes, deliver seamless services and ensure robust advice to government through the sharing of ideas and resources.

Collaborative governance is prescribed in:

  • the role of the PSGC, which includes facilitating public sector collaboration
  • the role of sector chief executives, which includes facilitating collaboration, providing stewardship and actively participating in collective and collaborative leadership.

The PSC is structured to deliver on its objectives though the following business areas:

  • Public Sector Employment Practice
    • Policy, Conduct and Performance
    • Executive Policy and Employment
  • Leadership and Capability
    • Leadership and Learning
    • Design, Learning and Capability
  • Strategic Workforce Futures
  • Corporate functions
    • Communications and Engagement
    • Governance and Business Services.

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Our annual report 2021–22 (PDF, 2.7 MB) provides information on the agency's performance against its objectives as outlined in the strategic plan 2021–2025 (PDF, 1.5 MB) . It also demonstrates our achievements, our corporate governance, financial performance, organisational development and future direction.

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The Commissioner may delegate many of its functions and decision-making powers to appropriately qualified persons, including PSC staff.

Decisions on executive employment conditions, including executive capability development and management matters are made in consultation with chief executives and Queensland public sector agencies as appropriate.