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Social media principles

Principles for the official use of social media networks and emerging social media

As social media continues to mature, it is important for agencies’ social media activities to match this growth to be responsive to customer needs and expectations.

The guiding principles are designed to be flexible yet provide a professional, friendly and consistent experience for Queenslanders wishing to interact with the State Government through social media channels.

The document is divided into 3 sections:

  • Customer experience
  • Governance and management
  • Effectiveness measures and improvement

The guiding principles support a consistent Queensland Government approach to social media for a range of benefits:

  1. To make it more convenient for customers to engage with the Queensland Government and access information, services and campaigns.
  2. To help inform government of community sentiment and future strategic direction for government based on qualified, real-time insights and analytics.
  3. To guide the continuous improvement of online service design and transactions.

The principles for the official use of social media networks and emerging social media(DOC, 977KB) apply to all Queensland Government departments and its adoption by other Queensland Government entities is encouraged.

Last reviewed
14 March 2016
Last updated
14 March 2016