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Browser support

What is browser support?

Browser support is the practice of determining which combinations of browsers to support when building a website.

This ensures our websites render in a consistent manner for the most commonly used browsers.

What are our requirements?

It is a requirement of Information Standard 26 – Internet that Queensland Government websites provide for maximum accessibility and usability for all groups of the community. 

At a minimum agencies must:

How are we meeting these requirements?

  • Browser support plan – the focus of the browser support plan is to:
    • outline a framework for managing lists of supported browsers; and 
    • provide best-practice development advice and testing protocols to help ensure websites and web applications can support listed browsers.
  • Browser support lists – the browser support lists outline a graded level of support for browsers, based on acceptable levels of community use.

Supporting information

Last reviewed
01 April 2011
Last updated
04 April 2011