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Registration and stamp duty rebates and reduction

When registering a vehicle in Queensland, the stamp duty is known as vehicle registration duty. This duty is paid when applying for, or transferring, registration of a vehicle.

There are no reductions or rebates for vehicle registration duty, however there are a number of exemptions from having to pay vehicle registration duty.

These exemptions apply:

  • to all trailers, caravans and motorised wheelchairs
  • where the vehicle has been previously registered by yourself in Queensland or another state
  • where you are gifting the vehicle to one of the following relatives:
    1. your spouse
    2. your parent or grandparent, or your parent or grandparent’s spouse
    3. your child, stepchild or grandchild, or the spouse of your child, stepchild or grandchild
  • if you are an ex-serviceperson entitled to a registration concession.

Check the full list of exemptions from vehicle registration duty.


Last updated
9 August 2013

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