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ANZAC day trust fund

The Anzac Day Trust Fund offers annual payments to institutions, organisations or associations who provide assistance to ex-service men and women and their dependants.

You can apply for a payment if your organisation provides help or support to:

  • aged persons who served in Australia’s defence forces
  • the spouses and children of deceased persons who served in Australia’s defence forces
  • persons who served in Australia’s defence forces in time of war or armed conflict
  • institutions, organisations or associations which provide help or support to aged persons, spouses and children of deceased persons who served for Australia.

The Anzac Day Act 1995 gives power to the Queensland Government to help fund the Anzac Day Trust through an annual grant. Proceeds received from an annual appeal to businesses which benefit from Anzac Day trading also contributes to the Trust Fund.

How to apply

To apply for a payment from the Anzac Day Trust Fund, you need to:

  1. complete and submit an application form
  2. Printable version

    Electronic version

  3. attach a verified financial statement
  4. provide an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a ‘statement by a supplier’
  5. send your application by the last Friday in May each year (30 May 2014)

You will receive a letter confirming receipt of your application.

The Board of Trustees assess applications. The RSL, Legacy and other Ex-service organisations nominate trustees.

Payments are finalised in August/September and are GST exempt.

Get it right

Your application may be returned if you do not complete it correctly.

Remember to:

  • Cross reference your application with your financial statement. Mark the item number you want to claim next to the matching amount on your financial statement.
  • Fill in all sections of the Anzac Day Trust application form.
  • Get your President & Treasurer or committee member to sign the application form.
  • Record an ABN on the form. If you do not have an ABN you must complete and attach a “Statement by Supplier” form. These can be obtained from the Australia Taxation Office website.
  • Attach approved financial statements to application form.
  • Provide additional details of the welfare expenditure where requested in the form. You can claim welfare expenses paid by your organisation during the period covered by your most recent financial statement. Expenses may include administrative costs related to
    1. the building/maintenance of welfare housing
    2. welfare or the help and support of ex-service personnel and their dependants.
  • Give an explanation if you are claiming only part of an expense. There is space on the last page for any unusual items or additional items you need to claim.
  • Deduct income received, as noted in Item 12 (a) – (g), for the rent/hire of organisation rooms from the expense amounts being claimed for items such as Rent, Rates, Gas and Electricity.
  • Deduct any income received for functions from the expenditure being claimed in Item 16 Entertainment Expenses.
  • List details of all grants received in Item 17 – Grants received. If a grant has been received for welfare expenses which is being claimed in this application, the grant will need to be deducted at item 17.
  • List donations given to cadet units as thanks for their assistance at commemorative events at item 15 (b) Commemorative activities – donations. Do not write these donations at Item 14.
  • Keep a copy of the completed application for your records.

By post

The Secretary
Anzac Day Trust
GPO Box 69

More information

You can ask for help completing your application form or about your application.


Email the Trust Secretary:

By phone

Call (07) 3225 2069

Last updated
28 August 2014

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