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Social media

You can find us on these social media platforms:

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Why are we using them?

We will use our social media platforms to:

  • put out alerts
  • give you details about our programs and activities
  • tell you about changes to legislation and other news
  • remind you of important events
  • tell you about any new information on our website
  • promote our videos and webinars
  • give access to videos of old webinars
  • give you easier access when you use a mobile device.

How are we using them?

Please note: we don’t reply to your posts, comments, replies or direct messages.

We do read all @replies and direct messages. We will take any constructive comments or helpful suggestions on board.

You should follow the links below to:

BuySmartQLD mobile app

We have developed ‘BuySmartQLD’, a free app to help you be a smart consumer.

BuySmartQLD for iPhone

BuySmartQLD for Android

BuySmartQLD can give you tips and facts on:

  • having a problem with a product
  • changing your mind about a purchase
  • using gift cards and vouchers
  • buying second-hand products
  • shopping online
  • getting a receipt
  • types of warranties
  • getting repairs and replacements under warranty
  • making a lay-by.

Using BuySmartQLD, you can also:

  • store photos of your receipts, in case they fade or are lost
  • remind yourself when gift cards will expire
  • set a reminder for your next lay-by payment
  • store the dates when any warranties will expire.
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20 October 2014

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