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A safe night out

New initiatives are being rolled out to restore responsible behaviour and respect, stamp out alcohol and drug-related violence and ensure Queensland’s nightlife is safe for all.

The Safe Night Out Strategy is a comprehensive action plan based on extensive community consultation that will:

  • Change the culture—raise awareness of clear standards of behaviour for patrons, police and licensees, and educate young Queenslanders (grades 7-12) to promote responsible behaviour.
  • Change the law— increase policing powers, liquor licensing requirements and introduce penalties and compulsory counselling to make it clear bad behaviour won’t be tolerated.
  • Change the environment—provide safe and supportive places through Safe Night Precincts, ‘sober safe’ centres and more.

This comprehensive approach to deal with alcohol and drug-related violence recognises that everyone has a role to play, and is about patrons, venues, communities and the Government coming together to create a safe, vibrant culture for Queensland’s nightlife.

Read the Safe Night Out Strategy or read the results of the Alcohol-Related Violence Survey where Queenslanders shared their views.

Changing the culture

We’ll establish clear standards of behaviour for patrons, licensees and police when alcohol is consumed in public, and deliver an awareness campaign to ensure everyone understands the expected behaviours and the actions that can be taken by licensees and police.

For Queensland students (years 7-12) we’ll make available education each year about the culture, attitudes and social expectations of alcohol consumption, and the risks of binge drinking, illicit drug use and alcohol and drug-related violence.

For more on changing the culture read the full Safe Night Out Strategy or the Safe Night Out Frequently Asked Questions.

Changing the law

New laws and penalties will ensure police have the powers and resources to respond quickly and effectively to alcohol and drug-related violence and antisocial behaviour where needed. Banning orders, increased fines and penalties will deter potential offenders, and compulsory counselling and community service will help address the behaviours that contribute to the violence.

Changes to help strengthen liquor licensing laws and support the new laws, like networkable ID scanners, will also help provide safe environments for patrons. Enhanced enforcement of liquor licensing laws and improved compliance will further support this.

For more on changes to the law, including new offences, increased penalties and police powers read the full Safe Night Out Strategy or the Safe Night Out Frequently Asked Questions.

Changing the environment

Safe Night Precincts will see the safe and effective local management of key entertainment precincts across the state, addressing issues including transport, lighting, public facilities and CCTV.

Initiatives like secure taxi ranks, increased public transport, ‘sober safe’ centres and other sobering up services will help those at risk and change the environment for a safe night out.

For more on changing the environment read the full Safe Night Out Strategy or the Safe Night Out Frequently Asked Questions.

Last updated
6 June 2014

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