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Female de facto partner

Same sex female parents of children born in Queensland have the right to record the names of both the birth mother and the female de facto mother on your child’s birth certificate. A change in legislation now recognises a female de facto partner of a birth mother as a parent of the child.

Your child’s birth certificate

Your names will be recorded on your child’s birth certificate as ‘mother’ and ‘parent’.

Recognition of female parents

The Status of Children Act which commenced on 1 June 2010 recognises female parents of children born through a fertilisation procedure such as in vitro fertilisation, assisted insemination or self insemination, have the right to record the names of both birth mother and female de facto mother on their child’s birth certificate.

Changes before June 2010

Families wishing to correct the birth register of your child born prior to 1 June 2010 can apply to us by completing this form and posting it to us. You can also lodge the form at one of our counters.

If a parent name has already been recorded (ie father’s name) your child’s birth register may only be amended through a court order. An application made under section 10 of the Status of Children Act to the Supreme Court is then required.

Registering a surrogacy birth

Parental recognition of a child born through a surrogacy arrangement can be made through a parentage order lodged with the Children’s Court of Queensland.

For more information

You can contact us about registering your name on your child’s birth certificate:


Email online enquiries will be responded to within 2 business days.

By phone

Call 1300 366 430 (Monday–Friday, 8.30am–4.30pm).

By post

Post your application to add details of parentage to:

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages
PO Box 15188

In person

Visit the Brisbane registry counter at 110 George Street to lodge your application.

Last updated
17 April 2014

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