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Mapping regional ecosystems

A map of Queensland's regional ecosystems and remnant vegetation

Queensland’s regional ecosystems and remnant vegetation

The Herbarium has been conducting an extensive survey, mapping and monitoring program of the state.

Map uses

The Herbarium’s vegetation maps show pre-clearing, remnant vegetation and regional ecosystems for Queensland over a series of years since 1997.

The maps are important tools for governments, landholders and scientists to plan and manage the natural environment, developments and vegetation restoration.

How is vegetation mapped?

Most maps are prepared at a scale of 1:100,000. Some regional ecosystem maps—such as parts of South East Queensland and the Wet Tropics bioregions—are at a scale of 1:50,000.

The mapping involves many steps using aerial photographs, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models.

The geology, soils, landscape and any historical knowledge are reviewed as part of the process.

The maps are then validated through extensive field sampling and ground surveys.

How to access our maps

Regional ecosystem maps showing the biodiversity status and/or the broad vegetation group are available for free. 

You can request a map online using property details or central coordinates.

You will then receive the map by email in portable document format (PDF).

Note: These maps are not statutory and do not replace the vegetation management regional ecosystem maps.

How to access our mapping data

The Open Data portal provides geospatial and associated data for users of geographic information or similar systems.

Search for the term 'regional ecosystem' to find our database at the portal.

More information

Contact us for site survey data.

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