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Queensland Herbarium

  • About the Herbarium

    Find out about the Herbarium—the centre for research and information on Queensland ecosystems, plants and fungi.

  • How to identify specimens

    Find out how to collect plant specimens and get them identified.

  • Weeds

    We need your help to find and identify new weeds.

  • Our specimen collection

    Botanists and members of the public collect, prepare and submit thousands of new specimens to the Queensland Herbarium each year.

  • Plant and fungi research

    Scientists describe, name and classify new species, improve existing classifications and provide identification services and tools to the public.

  • Publications

    Read through our list of publications and the latest census of the Queensland flora available for you to access. Some of these publications are for sale but most are free.

  • Seminars and events

    Find out about our seminars and events.

  • Ecological and conservation research

    We need to understand ecological processes and the role of ecosystems, plants and animals to manage the natural environment.

  • Mapping regional ecosystems

    Our vegetation maps show pre-clearing as well as remnant vegetation across Queensland, and regional ecosystems and their status.

  • Wireless sensor network

    Parts of Springbrook are being returned to native rainforest so scientists have installed a network of wireless sensors to collect data for management and restoration.

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