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Land tax

  • Overview of land tax

    Find out when land tax is charged and learn the commonly used terms.


  • Land tax clearance searches

    A land tax clearance search tells you if there is any land tax owing on land. Find out how to apply for a clearance certificate and see a list of selected brokers.

  • Calculating land tax

    Land tax is calculated on the taxable value of your land. Different rates apply based on the type of owners.


  • Exemptions from land tax

    Several land tax exemptions are available for liable owners. You can claim an exemption if you meet the requirements and submit the right form.

  • Land tax assessments

    You will receive an assessment notice if you have to pay land tax. Update your details or apply to have your assessment reviewed, if needed.

  • Paying land tax

    Find out how you can pay your land tax, including the extended payment option and clearance certificates.

  • Changes that affect your land tax

    Certain events can affect your land tax liability. Find out the common changes that affect your liability, and what you need to do if they happen.

Land valuations

For information about your land valuation, please visit the 2015 annual land valuations page.

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