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Electricity and gas rebates

Queensland pensioners and seniors may be eligible for:

  • the Electricity Rebate—$320.97 per year (GST inclusive)
  • the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate—$68.56 per year (GST inclusive).

Please note, all rebates are GST inclusive. Rebates for eligible card holders may appear as GST exclusive on bills.


Rebates are available to people who hold any of the below:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card (and receive the War Widow/er Pension or special rate TPI Pension)
  • Queensland Seniors Card.

To be eligible, the card holder must also live alone or share their principal place of residence with (only) any of the below:

  • their spouse
  • other people who hold a Pensioner Concession Card or Queensland Seniors Card
  • other people wholly dependent on them
  • other people who receive an income support payment from Centrelink, the Family Assistance Office, or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and who do not pay rent
  • other people who live with the card holder to provide care and assistance, and who do not pay rent.

If you live in caravan park or multi-unit residential building (e.g. apartment), you must also show that the:

  • electricity or reticulated natural gas is paid on the basis of individually metered consumption, or
  • owner/proprietor is prepared to seek the Electricity Rebate or the Reticulated Natural Gas Rebate on your behalf.  

How to apply for the rebate

You can either apply over the phone, or ask your retailer to send you an application form.

Contact your electricity or gas retailer for full eligibility details.

You may need to provide details such as your account number, so have copies of your bills handy so you can provide the necessary information to verify your eligibility.

Rebates are paid by automatic deduction from the cost of your bill.

Find out more about rebates for residents of home park or multi-unit residential premises.

Find out more

  • Use the energy savings calculators to find out how much energy and money you can save around the house by switching to energy efficient practices and products.
  • The energy ratings and water ratings of appliances can help you compare products based on their energy and water efficiency.
  • Choice consumer advocacy group investigates ways to reduce your household's energy use.
  • Savewater has information on rebates and incentive schemes related to water use.
  • Phone 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

Other concession schemes

The Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme provides concessions for people with specific medical conditions requiring the use of an air-conditioner to regulate their body temperature.

The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme helps low-income households pay energy bills at a time of crisis or in emergencies.

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30 June 2015

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