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State flags, emblems, and icons

  • Coat of Arms

    Queen Victoria granted the Queensland Coat of Arms, the oldest State Arms in Australia, to the Colony of Queensland in 1893.

  • State flag

    The state flag was first introduced in 1876 when Queensland was a self-governing British colony with its own navy.

  • State badge

    The badge of Queensland developed from the need to include a seal or badge in the design of the state flag.

  • Animal (faunal) emblem

    The koala was officially named the animal (faunal) emblem of Queensland in 1971, after a newspaper poll showed strong public support for this endearing marsupial.

  • Floral emblem

    The Cooktown orchid became known as Queensland's floral emblem in 1959, during celebrations to mark the state's centenary.

  • Bird emblem

    The brolga has featured on the Queensland Coat of Arms since 1977. It wasn't until January 1986 that it was announced as the official bird emblem of Queensland.

  • State gem

    The sapphire was named the official state gem for Queensland in August 1985.

  • Aquatic emblem

    The Barrier Reef Anemone Fish was officially named as Queensland's aquatic emblem in March 2005. The public nominated the species as their preferred representative for Queensland.

  • Corporate identity

    Our corporate logo allows all government services to be readily identifiable.

  • State colour

    On 13 November 2003 the Governor in Council officially named maroon as Queensland's state colour as a result of a long-held, but informal, tradition of using maroon to represent Queensland.

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30 July 2012

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